ProVeneer System Kit features a complete solution for achieving the desired results while creating LifeLike Veneers.
All the necessary materials and tools can be found inside. For achieving best results, please avoid using alternative materials.
For your convenience, we included a Quick Reference illustrated instruction card for creating ProVeneer Life Like

ProVeneer System Kit includes:
• 10 x ProVeneer Single use blister pack
• ProVeneer Bonding Agent
• ProFil Flow Cement
• ProEtch
• Accessories

In the event of excess ProVeneer material, use the aluminum zip lock bag included for safe storage of the material. Since the material is sensitive to ambient light, it is recommended to wrap the material in the blister wrap and then store in the zip lock bag.

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  1. Item Number
  2. 18PVA1
    10 Single Use blister packs A1
    10 Single Use blister packs A2
    10 Single Use blister packs A1*3,A2*2,B1*2,BW*3
    10 Single Use blister packs B1
    10 Single Use blister packs BW
    5 Single Use blister packs A1,A2,B1,BW*2